Ashing, descum, etching, cleaning

Trymax offers plasma solutions for ashing, descum, light etching, surface preparation, and cleaning. All these applications are using dry and environmental-friendly processes.

  • Ashing: Consists in stripping the photo resist. Ashing is usually performed after ion implantation or etching.
  • Descum: Removing remaining photoresist or polyimide on wafers for front end or wafer level packaging fabs.
  • Etching: Materials such as Si3N4, SiO2 and Poly-Si can efficiently be isotropically etched in a cost-effective manner.
  • Cleaning: wide range of cleaning possibilities. For instance, plasma cleaning could be performed after wet etch to complete the cleaning step. Plasma cleaning could be used after DRIE to remove some polymer from the cavity or the via.
  • Surface modification: Wide range of possibilities such as surface activation before wet etch to improve etch process step, surface adhesion enhancement before deposition, and many more.