MEMS Manufacturing: Trymax’ most flexible Plasma Ashing Platform

MEMS Manufacturing: Trymax’ most flexible Plasma Ashing Platform

Meet Trymax’ most flexible Plasma Ashing system for running critical low-temperature descum processes and high-temperature bulk photoresist strip processes. These steps are crucial for the manufacturing of high-performance accelerometers and gyroscopes used in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

Our NEO 2000 system prepared for MEMS manufacturing is the latest photoresist removal equipment from Trymax. The platform with a handling system that can handle up to 3 different wafer sizes, ranging from 3 inch to 8 inch in diameter. The platform can be configured in a non-backside touching mode and in a dual side wafer processing. The motorized chamber lifting system makes it possible to handle wafers with double side coating for ashing both side as well for handling Taiko wafer substrates. With the wide range chuck it’s easy to switch full automatic from high to low temperature with the integrated chuck air-cooling loop.

For high volume production the platform has 3 cassette loading stations with automatic wafer size detection and notch/flat alignment with DMC/OCR multi wafer size ID reading system.

The platform is capable of high-speed photoresist removal at more than 10µm/min, and has the process flexibility required for other applications as high-dose implanted resist removal, descum and surface modification.

This all together makes it to most flexible platform on the 8 inch market capable to be configured for the dedicated customer requirements.

For more details and questions: Trymax will be exhibiting virtual at the Technology Unites Global Summit from Feb 15th till Feb 19th 2021. Visitors are invited to stop by our online booth and learn more about Trymax, the MEMS platform and meet with our business team.