Working at Trymax

We are always looking for ambitious and creative individuals to join our team!

Trymax designs and produces high end professional equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Our core business is to support our customers worldwide with plasma-based photoresist removal, surface cleaning equipment, isotropic etch systems and UV Cure systems. We are a dynamic company facing growth and innovation.

Our success is based on employees who share a common commitment towards excellence and work together in a dynamic and rewarding environment.

Here at Trymax, you are not a number, but you are a valuable addition to the company. We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable here and has a safe working environment. Because we are not a super big company, you will pretty quickly get to know everyone!

We help and support each other when and where needed.

Why start working at Trymax? Well, let us tell you all about it.

About the employment

Working hours

  • We offer the opportunity for our office employees to work flexible hours. Are you a real morning person and off to an early start, or do you like to get up quietly.
  • There is also the possibility to work from home (depending on your job). This can certainly be discussed with the supervisor/manager.
  • There are many different possibilities with the working hours and where to work!
  • These flexible hours/location also support the balance between your personal life and your work life.


Based on a fulltime workweek we offer you 25 vacation days plus 13 ADV-days. This way you have the possibility to relax. For part-timers, compensation for ADV is included in the salary.

Referral program

Do you know somebody else who would fit well within our company? We offer a cash incentive when your referral is hired.

Introduction program

If you are new to the company you will follow the introduction program. This was set up last year and provides you with a great start. You will be welcomed, introduced to and in the organization, get to know your colleagues and you will be informed of the (safety) regulations. You will either tag along with production (the heart of our organization) where all the machines are made, or tag along with logistics


There are various opportunities for training within our company. There is no set program. We will look at you as an individual and what your function is. It depends on your/the company’s needs and a future-oriented view will be considered.

Why start working at Trymax? Well, let us tell you all about it.

About the workplace

Open spaces

We have a spacious canteen with plenty of room to enjoy the break and catch up with your colleagues. There is always plenty of coffee, tea or even soup.

Need help?

You can easily walk up to each other in the workplace. Having a problem logging in? Walk up the stairs into ICT’s office and they will help you!

Unwind at work

In our workplace, there is a possibility to compete against your colleagues. Make use of the sought-after…. football table!


It is important to us that our employees have the opportunity to eat healthy. Fresh fruit is available. You can choose what you like: apples, bananas, …. There is a new full box every week, so make sure to take a look at this week’s offer!

Free parking

You can park right in front of the door here for free. If it would be completely full, we also have the option of parking at the neighbors just across the street! Do you have an electric or hybrid car? We also offer a number of charging spots.

Why start working at Trymax? Well, let us tell you all about it.

Not just work

Team building

  • Several times a year there is an outing/gathering with the company. Think of a Christmas party or a summer barbecue. We also always end the year together at our fun ‘End of the Year Party’.
  • Apart from that, there are also outings with your own department or a number of departments combined. You will do something fun together, such as go karting or trying on wedding dresses. This will all strengthen the relationship between you and your co-workers.


We like to celebrate jubilees, pensions and anniversaries. We think it is important to reflect on these. We are grateful for all of our colleagues. So don’t be surprised when your office chair is decorated or cake is eaten in the cafeteria.


Chat about the week with the staff, or get to know each other better. This is all possible on Friday’s. You can stay and hang out after work together. We will provide the food and drinks!

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment is always looking
for ambitious and creative individuals to join our team!