Trymax NEO 2000 series

Trymax NEO 2000 series

The NEO 2000 product line is an advanced plasma ashing/etch system from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment with the latest photoresist removal technology offering exceptional performance at a very competitive price. The NEO 2000 is specifically designed for applications on 100mm to 200mm diameter substrates.

It’s equipped with an ultra-fast transfer platform and is flexible and configurable for handling different dimensions of substrates at the same time with no hardware changes. The NEO 2000 series has a compact modular design and can deliver a high throughput to achieve the lowest Cost of Ownership.

All specifications & features


- 100 / 150 / 200mm substrate size configurable
- 3 or 4 cassette stations or 2 integrated SMIF’s
- 5 axis dual arm robot handling with specific substrate grippers
- 3 different process chamber technologies available:
      - Microwave downstream (2.45 GHz)
      - RF bias (13.56 MHz)
      - Dual Source (Microwave, RF bias)
- Mechanical throughput >200wph
- Compact footprint
- Very low Cost of Ownership
- Fully digital controlled, devicenet-ethernet
- Windows based industrial computers


- Bulk resist, post LDI resist strip
- Descum processing
- Polymer removal
- Post high dose implant strip
- Silicon nitride/silicon carbide etch applications
- TaSi etch
- MEMS applications
- Advanced packaging processing (PR, PI, BCB, PBO)
- RF filter BAW/SAW resist processing


- SEMI S2-01
- SEMI S8-01
- CE EU-RoHs
- UL (optional)