Trymax NEO 2000UV

Trymax NEO 2000UV

The NEO 2000UV is an advanced UV Curing/Erase system from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment with the latest and fastest UV curing and charge erase technology on the market. It offers exceptional performances meeting nowadays semiconductor fab requirements. It is a high throughput system with optimized Cost of Ownership. The NEO 2000UV is specifically designed for applications up to 200mm diameter substrates.

All specifications & features


- Trymax platform with latest digital technology, EtherCATĀ®
- Dual process chamber
- Variable irradiance control
- 2 open cassette stations with cassette size detection system or SMIF
- 4 axis robot
- Front and rear user interfaces
- Ionizer bar
- CE compliance
- Fab host control SECS-II


- Photo-stabilization prior to ion implant
- Photo-stabilization prior to etch (Poly-Si, Oxide, Metal)
- Selectivity improvement
- Use and curing of DUV resist used for smaller CD
- Interlayer insulating film formation for thin-film magnetic heads
- Multitude of semiconductor applications such as compound semiconductor lift-off processing


- Wafer aligner
- Wafer mapping
- Cooling station
- Bar code reader