Trymax NEO 3000 series

Trymax NEO 3000 series

The NEO 3000 product line is a long established tool from the NEO range that is used for advanced plasma ashing and etching from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment.

It’s ready for the highest volume of production and adaptable to every production ramp and budget. The NEO 3000 system can be configured with any of the available Trymax NEO process modules and is compatible with substrates up to 300mm in diameter. The small footprint and modular design can be flexibly configured based on your production needs.

The system can be used as a full bridge tool with compatibility to run both 200 and 300mm diameter substrates.

All specifications & features


- 200/300mm substrate size
- 2 SMIF loaders
- 5 axis dual arm robot handling
- 3 different process chamber technologies available:
      - Microwave downstream (2.45 GHz)
      - RF bias (13.56 MHz)
      - Dual Source (Microwave, RF bias)
- Mechanical throughput >200wph
- Compact footprint
- Very low Cost of Ownership
- Fully digital controlled, devicenet-ethernet
- Windows based industrial computers


- Bulk resist, post LDI resist strip
- Descum processing
- Polymer removal
- Post high dose implant strip
- Silicon nitride/silicon carbide etch applications
- TaSi etch
- MEMS applications
- Advanced packaging processing (PR, PI, BCB, PBO)
- RF filter BAW/SAW resist processing


- SEMI S2-01
- SEMI S8-01
- CE EU-RoHs
- UL (optional)