Trymax NEO 400

Trymax NEO 400

The NEO 400 system from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment for advanced plasma processing with CCP chamber technology is compatible with 400mm metal frame carriers and with 300mm diced wafer substrates. It is unique in low temperature plasma processing as well
as high temperature when this is allowed. Special motorized wafer lift clamping has being integrated for maintaining the best process performance.

All specifications & features


- Trymax semi-automatic platform
- Single chamber with CCP (Capacitive Coupled Plasma) technology
- EFEM with ionizer bar to prevent any electrical charging during wafer placement
- Fully digital IO technology with single industrial computer and device net scanner card
- Integrated gasbox up to 5 digital mass flow controllers


- Low temperature PR/descum strip
- High temperature resist strip
- Plasma cleaning post debonding
- Surface treatment