Next-Generation Wafer Manufacturing Solutions Delivered

Next-Generation Wafer Manufacturing Solutions Delivered

The semiconductor industry is the backbone of modern technology, facilitating advancements across a myriad of sectors. At the crossroads of innovation and entrepreneurship in wafer manufacturing, Trymax Semiconductor Equipment B.V. stands as a shining example of ingenuity.

Originating as a small spinoff company founded by two former Philips engineers in the Netherlands, Trymax marked the beginning of a remarkable journey toward semiconductor innovation. Initially performing maintenance tasks for used equipment, the founders recognized inherent limitations and embarked on a mission to develop machinery in-house. Fueled by a drive to surpass industry standards, it heralded a new era in semiconductor manufacturing.

Leveraging profound expertise and rigorous processes, Trymax ensures peak performance of its machines. It specializes in plasma-based solutions like ashing, descum, light etching, surface preparation and cleaning to ensure consistent treatment for each wafer without the concerns of liquid saturation.

“We are committed to seizing every opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in plasma etching and differentiate ourselves from larger competitors,” says Peter Dijkstra, Chief Commercial Officer .

Central to Trymax’s success are its one-of-a-kind features tailored to meet diverse client needs. The incorporation of an Equipment Front End (EFE) module brings unprecedented versatility, allowing for the integration of varying quantities of process modules to match specific throughput requirements.

Among Trymax’s standout attributes is its capability to handle multiple wafer sizes concurrently, catering adeptly to the diverse demands of its clientele. This innovative approach has garnered customer attention, especially in regions like the U.S. They often seek seamless transitions between these sizes without cumbersome mechanical adjustments when switching from 200 to 300millimeter wafers. Addressing this demand, Trymax’s equipment seamlessly handles and processes 200 and 300millimeter wafers within a single-machine setup.

Building on its culture of innovation, Trymax is addressing evolving market needs, including meeting the significant demand for UV curing solutions and advanced cleaning applications.
Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, manufactured using processes like the Bosch process, are becoming more prevalent. There’s a growing need to tackle post-process challenges such as polymer residue removal. Recognizing this necessity, the company offers a tailored cleaning application, designed to meet the evolving demands of the MEMS market.

From telecommunications to automotive and electronics, Trymax’s impact reverberates across markets. The solutions are instrumental in driving advancements in technologies like electric vehicles, cloud computing and 5G infrastructure. It leads the industry with environmentally-conscious processes that set new standards with a focus on plasma solutions including ashing, descum, light etching, surface preparation and cleaning.

Trymax’s commitment to excellence is underscored by its comprehensive quality management system. All its machines are manufactured in the Netherlands with stringent feedback across manufacturing, process and after-sales departments, ensuring the highest performance and reliability standards.

In the course of its operation, Trymax realized the limitations of working through distributors and local representatives and shifted toward direct sales to enhance control and personalize client engagement, improving the overall customer experience. It also advocates for companies to prioritize innovation and explore alternative suppliers beyond their current arrangements, embracing a broader perspective to discover additional value propositions and opportunities for growth.

At the heart of Trymax’s journey is its diverse team, comprising seasoned veterans and bright young minds. This blend of experience and fresh perspectives fosters an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

While Trymax is currently satisfied with its achievements, the company remains vigilant for niche opportunities, particularly in light-etch or shallow-etch processes. Its innovative methods for the removal of oxide, nitrite and polyamide focus on only the top layer, providing additional value to its clients and the broader industry.

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment B.V continues to push boundaries and redefine industry standards, as it stands poised to shape the future of semiconductor manufacturing on a global scale. “We are committed to seizing every opportunity to demonstrate our plasma etching capabilities and differentiate ourselves from larger competitors.” stated Peter Dijkstra.