Trymax Turns 15 and Celebrates Success at SEMICON Europa 2018

Trymax Turns 15 and Celebrates Success at SEMICON Europa 2018

NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – November 08, 2018.  Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV (Trymax), a global leader in plasma solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, has reached a milestone this month celebrating 15 years of business. As a testimonial of its success, the company recently won the entrepreneurial prize from the Dutch financial institution FD Gazellen(1) .

“We have come a long way since I started the company” commented Leo Meijer, founder and CEO of Trymax. “Year after year we built trust as a reliable partner with our customers, demonstrated the competitiveness of our solutions, and continuously grew our business to become today a leader in the global plasma technology ecosystem”.

Trymax started its activities in 2003 by providing services to the so-called legacy plasma-based equipment. A few years after, the company developed its own range of equipment for photoresist stripping, wafer descum, etching, and cleaning. NEO™ platform was launched in 2008 featuring state-of-the-art technologies and compliant with wafer size up to 200mm. First significant business wins were in Asia with packaging houses where the best performance, cost of ownership, reliability tradeoffs were met by Trymax’s solution. Wider adoption by integrated design manufacturers and foundries through the world happened in the following years. Product portfolio extended from single to 4 chamber systems for wafers up to 300mm with a broad range of options and plasma chambers to match the specific customer’s requirements. To support the business growth, Trymax opened regional offices in Milan (Italy) and Suzhou (China) and developed a global network of sales and customer support. Today the company has more than 250 systems in the field and focuses its activities on its NEO™ platform. Investing a significant amount of its revenues in R&D, Trymax plans to keep on introducing innovative solutions to support the global semiconductor manufacturers.

Trymax will be exhibiting at SEMICON Europa in Munich (Germany) from Nov 13 to 16th. To celebrate the anniversary and the importance of the European customers and business partners, Trymax will host a party on their booth on Nov 14th at 4pm. “Trymax is a great example of our European success stories” stated Laith Altimine, President of SEMI Europe. “We are honored to have them celebrating their anniversary at SEMICON Europa”. Visitors are invited to stop by booth #237 in hall 4 to learn about Trymax innovative solutions and meet with the executive and business team.

(1): The FD Gazellen awards are presented to Dutch companies that have grown at least 20% in turnover during the previous three years and which have closed profitably in the past year.

About Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV: 
Trymax’s core business is to support semiconductor manufacturers through the world with innovative plasma-based solutions for photo resist removal, surface cleaning, as well as isotropic etch, that are used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. Trymax is a privately held company headquartered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Trymax operates regional offices in China (Suzhou) and Italy (Milan). Learn more at

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