Trymax Wafer Level Packaging DCP™ Plasma Treatment

Trymax Wafer Level Packaging DCP™ Plasma Treatment

As semiconductor device manufacturers further shrink the size and increase the reliability of packaging devices, plasma treatment is increasingly used for advanced applications during wafer level packaging.

For advanced applications Trymax has released a new low temperature plasma treatment for packaging solutions. This new DCP™, Direct Coupling Plasma Technology, for WLP will enhance the plasma treatment method by coupling simultaneously top and bottom power RF, 13.56MHz. In addition a new optimized chamber design will be used to match the uniformity requirements and to increase low temperature removal rates with more than 30% comparing to the conventional dual source technologies on the market. The Trymax DCP™ process chambers are capable of handling multiple wafer sizes simultaneously by using a chuck vacuum gripping technology in combination with a smart wafer handoff sequence and robot technology.

The DCP™ process chamber is designed for Descum WLP, BCB & UBM Adhesion, Via Cleaning for WLP and wafer pre-treatment processing.

For high volume production the Trymax NEO 3400 DCP™ will be the most economical solution. With 4 independent process chambers and EFEM with 4 load ports in combination with a ultra-fast robotic loading the system is capable for handling more than 300 wafers per hour in a full production environment.

The NEO 3400 DCP™ is the best solution based on lowest Cost of Ownership, best in class performance and most flexible platform on the market for Wafer Level Packaging.

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