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From Front End to Back End for Analog, Digital, Power, RF, MEMS, Compound Semiconductor and Wafer Level Packaging

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Expert in plasma

Trymax developed a strong expertise in plasma equipment and processes over the last 15 years. With more than 250 NEO systems installed worldwide, Trymax solutions are:

  • Delivering high performances
  • Recognized as highly reliable
  • Demonstrating low Cost of Ownership
  • Requiring very limited maintenance
  • Compact with reduced footprint
  • Capable of managing multiple wafer sizes and substrates materials
  • Built with state of the art components, interfaces, and software

Wide range of applications

Trymax has a wide portfolio of plasma technologies to fit the customer and application needs.

  • Photoresist bulk ashing
  • High dose implant stripping
  • Descum
  • Non-critical isotropic etching
  • Polymer removal post DRIE in cavities or TSV
  • Sacrificial layer release
  • Various surface treatments
  • Photoresist UV curing
  • UV charge erase

Want to know more about our applications, technologies and products?

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