Trymax signs a strategic partnership with SPM for O-rings

Trymax signs a strategic partnership with SPM for O-rings

As of February 20, Trymax has entered into a strategic business agreement with SPM to further strengthen the supply chain and safeguard a continuous commitment to delivering highest quality parts and services.

SPM is an established European semiconductor spare parts company passionate about finding the best engineering solutions.

Trymax and SPM are ideally positioned to combine material knowledge with end-product and application knowledge and can bring best-in-class solutions to the market with optimal performance and low total cost of ownership.

With this strategic partnership we increase supply chain continuity and are better able to shield customers from the geopolitical influences. Sustainability is another key strategy underlying this move as we continue to bring down the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

‘This is the next logical step in our supply chain where we deepen the existing relationship with SPM AG and aim to better service our customers’ stated Anton Spierenburg, COO at Trymax. ‘A reliable and sustainable supply chain, low total cost of ownership, high quality products and in-depth technical knowledge are key values that Trymax and SPM share together. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with SPM’.

Philipp Quaderer, CEO of SPM, has expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Trymax, highlighting the shared commitment to customer focus. His positive outlook on this collaboration emphasizes the alignment of values between the two companies, promising a partnership aimed at enhancing customer service, innovation, and sustainability in the semiconductor industry. This strategic alliance is set to create impactful solutions, reflecting a mutual dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.